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Meeting Calendar for 2019
Meeting locations will be at the NEPPA Headquarters in Littleton. The Executive Committee may meet immediately prior to the General meeting on the same day at the same location, depending on need.  Executive Committee meetings start at 9:30 AM unless changed due to the length of the agenda or cancelled due to no need.  Meetings may also be held at other times..
General meetings start at 10:30 AM.
Executive Committee meetings start at 9:30 AM unless changed due to the agenda.

Meeting Dates:      

MEAM General Membership Meetings;

September 25 2019     (Open) (Note this is not the usual 3rd Wednesday due to a schedule conflict with the NEPPA Rodeo)

November 20, 2019    (Open)

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday July 16, 2019, 10:00 AM

Northeast Public Power Association

200 New Estate Road

Littleton, MA  01460


Open Meeting

Managers, Commissioners, Board Members and Consultants are invited


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the minutes of May 17, 2019 meeting minutes
  3. Presentation of Analysis Group white paper “Fuel Mix and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of MLPs in Massachusetts”
  4. Discussion of DPU rulemakeing on pole attachments
  5. Discussion of MEMA power outage updates during states of emergency
  6. Legislative/Regulatory Committee update
  7. Discussion and development of a “Legislative Kit” in support of H.2863 for the purpose of taking action in the current session.
    1. Recommendations from Rodephele, MMWEC, and ENE.
    2. Form letters
    3. Phone call scripts
  8. Dan Sack – MEAM financial update (YTD)
  9. Other Business as appropriate
  10. Adjournment

Lunch will be served

 Participation by many Managers, Commissioners and Board Members makes for a better, more responsive organization for us all.  If you have not regularly attended MEAM meetings, now is the time to begin.

Each system will be entitled to one lunch at no additional charge as this is built into the budget.  Extra guests plus consultants and attorneys are charged for lunch.  The cost of lunch has increased to $25.00. Exact amounts will be appreciated by the Treasurer. The Executive Committee may need to change the format of any particular meeting as the need may arise.

 *Only managers and commissioners will be invited to general meetings held as round table discussions